about us

Established in 2006, Propeller Solutions has developed a real understanding of the unique challenges faced by small businesses and organisations. We specialise in creating sustainable growth by working and developing your existing teams, working side by side to not only deliver immediate change, but leave the teams with new skills, confidence and the tools to maintain the momentum.

If you are ready to work in a different way, strengthening your business and leadership teams to be ready for the next stage in your development, Propeller is the perfect partner for you.

What Makes us Different

Our approach is unique and collaborative. Rather than providing external solutions to specific problems, we focus on coaching existing teams to self-solve and create sustainable change. We work side by side with individuals or teams to identify issues and opportunities and provide personalized mentoring and coaching to help them build a practical and deliverable plan. We also focus on upskilling individuals and building their confidence to fly solo and maintain momentum long after our engagement ends.