Fit for Change Programme

Fit for Change from Propeller is designed to empower businesses to identify and address their challenges, develop a clear strategy, and plan, and build the skills and confidence of teams and individuals to implement change successfully.


Build sustainable resilience, reducing reliance on a small portfolio of customers and develop a clear strategy that delivers your organisational ambitions.


Empower your teams by developing their skills, building their confidence and developing a cluture where your people drive your business forward.


Build capacity from within your business, streamline your processes and systems, and create a culture that is flexible and agile to respond quickly to opportunities.


Involve your leaders in developing the future direction of the business, empowering them to lead , drive momentum and ensure sustainable change.

About The Programme

3 steps, 6 months duration, transforming your team ready for important change ahead

Review & Discovery

We explore and articulate the vision for the business, identify strengths and weaknesses, and assess how well the business is prepared for its ambitions.

Through discussions, managed workshops, and an assessment of the business within its competitive environment, we aim to identify key workstreams that will deliver change.

Specifically, the review will

  • Assess the level of match between the business’ ambitions and its skills and competences.
  • Help to articulate the overall vision and objectives.
  • Identify key workstreams, such as improving existing processes, strengthening teams, or capitalizing on a new opportunity.
  • Identify key people/teams that will drive the change.

Timeframe Months 1-2

Team Mentoring

This critical stage of the program takes the learning from the review and translates it into action. We work with key teams to develop a strategy and plan for delivery.
By mentoring and coaching a strategic delivery team, ownership of the plan will come from within the business, and be understood, trusted, and believed in.

We aim to create ambassadors and champions from within the business who believe and are excited.

This stage includes individual and group mentoring and coaching sessions covering:

  • Understanding and implementing business strategy.
  • Managing and leading change.
  • Personal influencing and leadership skills.
  • Planning and project management.
  • Effecting change.

Timeframe Months 3-4

Leadership Coaching

Once the team has a strategic plan, confidence, and the core skills, it's important to make sure that the plan is implemented. We will act as a critical friend, someone to hold your business to account.

This may focus on supporting one or two individuals or acting as more of a board advisor, listening, and challenging progress on a regular basis..

Specifically, the review will

  • Reviewing against the plan
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers

Timeframe Months 5-6